Werribee Gorge 22/2/2014


(Not my photo - but a picture of a pretty nice 10/11 - also that cave may look very uncomfy from here but it is great for naps trust me -http://www.chockstone.org/WerribeeGorge/Werribee.htm)

So almost two months have passed since I first slipped/squeezed on a pair of stanky rental shoes and struggled half way up a grade 7 route before freaking the fudge out and forcing my belayer to lower me at a pace slower than that of the average snail.

Two months ago, I genuinely thought it would take two months to develop enough ‘upper body strength’ to ‘haul’ myself to the top of a 15 meter wall.

I can gladly say, things have changed.

I have met so many wonderful people who have taken the time to teach me about everything that climbing entails, and what it means to them, and have totally changed my understanding of climbing 

Last Saturday, I was finally able to escape the resin confines of the local gym and head down to Werribee Gorge State Park - about 60km west of Melbourne. (I was way too overwhelmed by actual rock/too disorganised to bring a camera and take pictures so I’m yanking them from the internet - but I promise I will take actual photos next time okaaay!)

The first time I attempted a route, I stood at the base for about 5 minutes, yelling at the rock - “but where are the holds??? where do I put my feet????? everything looks the saME??!?!??!?!!?” I was about 60 seconds from punching that rock before some kind person pitied my naivety and gave me the best advice I’d ever gotten: 

"Everything, can be a hold, young grasshopper"

And I was like “yooooooooooooooooooo”

And they were like “aaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Yeah, not really, but pretty much.

Anyway, everything made sense from there on out and after I finished my first route I could safely say that was some of the most satisfying climbing I’d ever done.


Crack climbing for the first time! Actually amazing!


Hiking with an overpacked pack. (I always overpack for new activities ughghghHgh)


My crack climbing technique! Contrary to what my URL may suggest - my ‘technique’ was mostly just copying what I’d seen others do at the gym (lolol). I had no I idea how to correctly approach finger and hand cracks - so it’s definitely something to keep working on so I can finally finish Golgotha (18) yeyeyeeye

I can’t find a picture of Golgotha - but just imagine a 30m wall where the top 15m is basically a lay back hand crack and me swinging around awkwardly bc of my poor crack climbing skills hehehe.

Until next time!

Much love and Climb Happy! <3